Embody Astreia 

The people of the lunar planet have disappeared! Embody Astreia, a being of light from the solar planet, and try to find them. By opening portals between these two worlds, explore the abandoned living city, but be aware, it will not let you pass so easily…

Between the lunar and solar planets

Travel through a living city in search of portals allowing you to navigate between the lunar and solar planets. Activate them with your ring to deploy an aura which alters everything it covers.

Solve puzzles, recreate constellations with lanterns and solve the mystery of the disappearance of this world’s inhabitants.

ReadytoThrow 1


Use your energy ring to interact with portals and your environment



Push and pull items to move them around.

climb 1


Jump and climb different parts of the dynamic landscape which changes from one world to another

constellation 2


Recreate constellations with lanterns to show you the way.


The original idea was to develop a secondary feature all the team appreciated from Zelda skyward sword, and to upgrade it into the heart of our game. Our ambition was also to bring the player a sense of wonder when auras are deployed around each portal. Integrating these feelings into a quiet, narrative and poetic adventure video game which we could play with our families was a priority.


  • Composer & Sound Designer

    Composer & Sound Designer

    Achille MURAT
  • Game Artist 3D

    Game Artist 3D

    Alexis CHAUDOUET
  • Game Artist 2D

    Game Artist 2D

    Pierre GEORGET
  • Game Artist

    Game Artist

    Gaoge REN
  • Producer


  • Producer


    Hervé BLANCHOT
  • Game Designer

    Game Designer

    Margot PELLOQUET
  • Game Designer

    Game Designer

    Lauren JECHOUX
  • Game Designer

    Game Designer

    Nicolas GIRAUDET
  • Gameplay programmer

    Gameplay programmer

    Yannis BERKANE
  • Gameplay Programmer

    Gameplay Programmer

    Caitlin BALTUS
  • Programmer


    Marius BEAUDOIN
  • Programmer


    Philippe YI
  • Programmer


    Lucas SCIALOM